Transportation Research Electrical Laboratory 

(Electrical Systems for Sustainable E-Mobility: Railway Traction Systems, Aircrafts, Ships and Road Vehicles)


Electrical Machines, 

Power converters and semiconductor devices

Modelling, simulation, design, optimization, control

Variable speed drives

Electrical Vehicles Charging System, Wireless Charging System 

Electromechanical Scale Model



The Transportation Research Electrical Lab (TReLab) is active in power electronics, electrical drives and energy storage devices, in modeling and simulation of electrical transportation systems, including control strategies and control circuits. TReLab focuses its research activities along three principal axes:

  • Power Electronics oriented to the development of converters totpologies and thieir technologies for e-mobility: EV Charging Infrastructure;
  • Power Electronics oriented to the development of novel Electrical Drives and Converter topologies for traction applications (Railway, Aircraft, Ship and EV). In particular, TReLab is focused on the development of Modular Multilevel Converters integrated with new Energy Storage Devices and Renewable Energy Sources;
  • Designing, realization and testing of Laboratory Scale model in order to simulate complex Electrical and Mechanical systems like railway network. In particular, TReLab is focused on development of electromechanical simulator for Light Railway Vehicle and Metro network;
  • Control, simulation and testing of AC Electrical Drive up to 250 kW. In particular, TReLab is focused on the testing  of Asynchronous and AC Brushless Drives for  Electric Traction Applications.


Prof. Diego Iannuzzi

Senior Researcher

Dr. Ing. M. Coppola , Dr. Ing. I. Spina, Dr. Ing. Luigi Di Noia, Ing. A. Di Pasquale

PhD Students
Ing. P. Franzese, Ing. A. Cervone, Ing. E. Fedele

Technical Assistant
Ing. Massimo Bellucci, Ing. A. Teotino, Ing. U. Sorrentino, P. D'Ambrosio

Claudio 21, 80125 Naples, Italy
E-mail -





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